Protect Your Rights And Interests In Indiana Divorce

Getting a fair portion of the marital estate requires more than a “pit bull” lawyer. You want an attorney who can hold his own in court, but legal knowledge, negotiating skills and creativity are also important qualities.

The divorce lawyers of Johnson, Carroll, Norton & Kent P.C. provide strategic legal counsel for the nuances of contested divorce. Based in Evansville, we practice in family courts of Vanderburgh, Posey, Gibson and Warrick counties. Contact us today if you are considering divorce or already in the process.

Experienced, Reliable Evansville Divorce Attorneys

Trial lawyer David Kent has over 28 years of combined experience in litigation of divorce and family law disputes. They will pursue opportunities to achieve a property settlement out of court, but they always prepare for the possibility of arguing the case at trial.

We look at your case from all angles to protect your immediate and long-term interests in a divorce regarding:

  • Marital property versus separate property
  • A closely-held business
  • Retirement accounts
  • The house and other real property
  • Determination of child custody
  • Accurate calculation of child support
  • Alimony (when applicable)
  • Division of debts
  • Parenting time (visitation issues)

We perform our own qualified domestic relation orders (QDROs) in-house, but commonly draw on real estate professionals, business valuation specialists and other experts to determine the worth and status of assets. Once we know what is on the table, we work toward a fair and equitable division of the assets. Our attorneys are skilled at the creative give-and-take to keep litigation to a minimum and to reach a settlement.

Indiana Child Custody and Support Attorneys

Contact the Evansville office of JJohnson, Carroll, Norton & Kent at 812-205-2661 or e-mail us to arrange a consultation. We are located in Evansville, three blocks off the Lloyd Expressway, with ample parking and first-floor accessibility.