Understanding the steps to contest a will

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If a loved one or nonrelative in Indiana leaves you out of his or her will, it may come as a shock. Unfortunately, you won’t be entitled to any portion of the deceased’s estate unless you contest the will. Following the process below will get you started.

Determine the cost

Figuring out the cost to contest a will is the first step in the process. Knowing how much it’s going to cost may be an instrumental factor in making a decision, especially if you aren’t immediate family. Once you’ve got an estimate, you can use it to figure out if it’s worth it to you.

Retrieve a copy of the will

Getting a copy of the will can quickly show you if it’s been changed recently. If someone coerced the person it was for, he or she may have changed it under duress. Perhaps you didn’t have direct contact with the person who passed away for an extended period, or he or she had been suffering from a diminished mental capacity, making him or her feel like changes were necessary.

Get legal help

Paying for a legal professional is the next step in the process of contesting a will. Having an attorney with experience in contested wills oversee the situation should make it more straightforward and help ensure you don’t make any costly mistakes you’ll regret.

File a contest

Filing a contest is the last step to take. It can be used to help show you were a beneficiary of the will in the past. However, the longer you aren’t listed on earlier wills as a beneficiary, the tougher it will be to win your case.

Understanding how to contest the will gets you up to speed quickly on the process. From that point, you can decide if you’d like to pursue it.